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Genesis is a Windows based messaging software solution. It allows users to compose and send messages from any PC on the network to on-site alphanumeric pagers, DECT handsets, GSM mobiles and two-way radios without costly line rentals and call charges. Genesis takes staff and client protection to a new level by integrating all alarms into one system and ensuring that staff remain in constant contact. Genesis can automatically alert relevant staff to emergencies. For example, fire alarm panel integration immediately notifies the location of any alarms and emergency door use, enabling rapid investigation that can sometimes prevent unnecessary and costly evacuations. Genesis can monitor all types of equipment and processes - alarms, safety, security, controls. environment - and automatically contact the relevant staff, on a need to know basis. 

Lone worker safety

The system also protects lone workers, night workers and those working in hazardous environments. By integrating with personal alarms and providing position location, staff benefit from an extra level of protection. At risk staff have the confidence to do their job effectively. It has advanced functionalities which include on-site paging, group paging for security, maintenance paging or fire alarm alerts, pre-set messaging, and reminders of regular maintenance and other tasks whether daily, weekly, monthly or annually. It runs on a SQL server database to ensure data security and reliability. 

Features and Benefits

  • Send instant, fully alphanumeric messages to individuals of goups from networked computers
  • Email & SMS from networked computers
  • Supports up to 30,000 oagers and groups
  • 21 hotkey pre-progammable messages
  • DECT & PABX interfaces
  • Wireless security device interfaces
  • Comprehensive Task Manager module
  • Full message logging and reporting
  • Contact list search facility
  • Administrator password restrictions
  • Alarm and building management interfaces
  • Can be linked to third party security
  • Integrates to call buttons, lone worker systems, facilities task management and other hardware devices




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