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Call Systems Technology Ltd

Call Systems Technology (CST) is the leading provider of innovative communication technology and software solutions. We invest heavily to source and quality assure systems that will deliver good ROI for current customers over a large cross-section of industries including hospitality, retail, healthcare and corporate.  CST is a communications partner to over 15,000 system users, including both chain and independent hospitality and leisure venues, global retail and manufacturing companies. Our success stems from our ability to listen to and understand customers' on-site communications requirements. Our ethos of working with and working for passionate people in the industries we serve is second only to our innovative technology and world class customer care. 

International sales and marketing operations are co-ordinated via a network of approved European and Middle East dealers including Ireland, France, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Spain, UAE and Israel. Please visit our Partners page for a list of all approved European distributors and global partnerships.

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Our History

In 1995, our founder Peter Hutchinson introduced restaurant paging to the UK hospitality market. Already widely used in the US, the technology was quickly embraced by many leading restaurant chains. Peter was soon joined by his family to help with the rapid expansion needed to meet the ever growing demand. In 2000 the company was reorganised as Call Systems Technology Limited (CST). With our diverse range of cutting edge communication systems we entered new markets, including Retail, Hotels, Marine and the Commercial sector.

Our Partners

We are proud to be European distributors for JTech, An HME Company, world experts in hospitality solutions. As a company keen to remain at the forefront of hospitality technology, we have recently partnered with Flypay, a payment solution app that is transforming the restaurant experience. With 20 years of experience in the UK and our partner network across Europe and the Middle East providing thousands of systems each year to a wide range of industries, CST can rightly claim to be a world leader in on-site communications. To find out more about our partners, please click here