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Integrated Technologies Make Profitable Outlets: Together It’s Better

Two leading hospitality technology companies are working together to deliver a seamless EPoS and capacity management automation solution. The new relationship brings together the expertise of Call Systems Technology (CST) and Zonal.

“An increasing number of operators use restaurant automation to improve efficiency, enhance food quality and increase profits,” says Ashley Sheppard, Commercial Director at CST (Tweet this). “We’re working with Zonal to ensure operators can access a seamless solution that is as simple as possible to operate.”

By linking QSR’s ConnectSmart® Kitchen (CSK) with Zonal’s Aztec EPoS system, orders go straight from EPoS screens or handheld terminals to screens in the kitchen. Here the system automatically assigns menu items to individual chef’s workstations, so all items for the order are completed at the same time.

CSK allows chefs to focus on cooking food, rather than prioritising orders or checking up on what other chefs are doing (tweet this). It increases production, helping chefs cope with the busiest periods and maintain food quality.

Stuart McLean, Managing Director at Zonal said: “We have worked very hard to ensure our Aztec EPoS systems integrate with existing systems used by operators and our new link-up with CST shows that we have been successful in that respect.”

“The developing relationship between the two companies means we can jointly offer a truly integrated EPoS, kitchen automation and table management system. This will ensure operators have access to information on every aspect of outlet performance to help them maximise their business performance and deliver enhanced customer service.”