Service anytime, anywhere

Assistance needed in meeting and public rooms? Unattended reception desk?

Hotel guests are paying for a quality service and don’t expect to be kept waiting. When guests are in public areas or meeting rooms they may have a query or order. However, staff are not always visible. Hotels could station a staff member in every public area but staffing costs would be unsustainable.

Conference organisers also want delegates to feel they are being looked after properly. Placing a staff member in the conference room wouldn’t provide meeting privacy. Stationing staff outside the rooms has the disadvantage that attendees must leave the room for assistance.

With wireless call buttons, guests can request assistance with minimal effort or fuss. At the touch of a button, guests can page staff for service. Hotel staff will receive an alert via their communications device and can respond immediately.

Call buttons are ideal for areas such as meetings rooms, bars and reception areas where customers may find it hard to get attention. Staff productivity improves because they can work on other tasks instead of being tied to the desk.

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