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5 tips for a happy New Year’s party at your restaurant

New Year’s Eve is just a few days away. And as with all holidays, Tuesday 31st December means crowds of potential customers. With a little extra preparation you can take advantage of 2014’s New Year at your restaurant. Here are our tips for a very happy New Year’s party.

1. Holiday specials

Capitalise on the holiday and entice customers with a special promotion. A holiday deal, such as a two-for-one offer, helps attract new customers to your restaurant.

 2. Staff

Do you have enough staff on hand for New Year’s Eve? Make sure you have plenty of staff handy during the holiday rush. Just an extra helper or two can make all the difference. And don’t forget the Christmas spirit – perhaps motivate your staff with some seasonal rewards.

3. Cater for the extra traffic

Investing in restaurant technology can help you cater for the extra rush of traffic on New Year’s Eve (Tweet this). There are many solutions available for your restaurant: apps, kitchen screens, table management solutions and customer and staff paging systems. Using technology can improve communication significantly, allowing staff to perform to their full potential and keep guests happy.

4. Collect contact details

Having an event photographer in the restaurant will give you the perfect reason to take contact details for further marketing. Hire a photographer or arm a staff member with a camera to take snapshots of families. Collect their email addresses after to send them a copy of the photo.

5. Food Safety

Last but certainly not least is food safety. The extra traffic at Christmas and New Year means food safety is more important than ever. Last year, food poisoning problems in Essex during the festive period left roughly 30 people ill. A wireless food safety system helps ensure your food products reach customers in top quality condition.

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What do you think?

There are just a few pieces of advice to help make your New Year a success. Do you have any others to add? Let us know in the comments section below.