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Give your guests full service in under 15 minutes 42 seconds flat

Britons will only wait an average of 15 minutes and 42 seconds without being served, before going elsewhere. That’s according to recent research conducted by Peach Factory for Omnico Group into the effect of waiting times on hospitality businesses. But how do you serve customers quickly without sacrificing quality? Here are our top tips:

1)      Faster Food Delivery

Customer experience has been shaped by the instant gratification of the internet – your customers want excellent food delivered fast. Don’t let food go cold or wilt at the pass. Our waiter pager system lets chefs call the waiter as soon as food is ready (tweet this).

2)      Accurate Wait Times

A relaxed host makes a great first impression – a stressed, distracted one encourages customers to walk away. Our table management system uses real-time information from the restaurant to generate accurate wait times. “It turns tables faster and gives accurate wait times, so queues are shorter and people are happy to wait. It paid for itself in the first two weeks of summer” says Jerry Marks, Business Development Manager, at Giraffe.

3)      Create an “invisible queue”

A restaurant paging system prevents walkaways and off-putting congestion in the restaurant entrance. With restaurant pagers, customers can wait in the bar and staff can then alert them once their table is ready without leaving their post. Our restaurant pagers enable staff to create an “invisible queue” of waiting diners in another, more convenient, area of the restaurant and also make full use of the bar or garden.

4)      Improve Staff Efficiency

Chefs in fast paced restaurant kitchens are under constant pressure and time constraints. Under such pressure, it is important chefs coordinate the work of kitchen staff effectively. Our kitchen screen system can display orders and tell staff which item to cook so each meal in an order is completed at the same time. At Drake & Morgan, a kitchen screen system slashed order completion times from up to 20 minutes to just eight.

Although customers are demanding ever faster, and ever better service, fortunately the latest restaurant technology from CST can help save the day and guarantee a consistently enjoyable experience.