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Call Systems Technology 5 Valuable Tips for the Perfect Outdoor Patio This Summer

5 Valuable Tips for the Perfect Outdoor Patio This Summer

When summer is on its way, customers want to enjoy the fresh air and soak up the vitamin D. With the weather now warming up, it is the ideal time to get the most from your outdoor space. In this blog post we list our top 5 tips for adding appeal to your patio or beer garden.

1)     Immediate Service

Al fresco table service is always a winner. One problem with outdoor dining and smoking areas is that once outside, customers are often unwilling to go back inside to place an order. Investing in CST’s call buttons will allow guests to order extra food and drink without having to leave their table. Customers are happier, service is faster and your profits are higher.

2)      Serene shade

When the sun gets hot, many customers will want to relax under a cool shade. There are plenty of imaginative ways you can add shades to your outdoor space. The Magic Garden in Battersea covers the majority of their beer garden with a large tepee and decorates it with twinkling fairy lights. While The Leather Bottle offers cosy beach huts in their beer garden for shelter.

3)      Live Music

On a beautiful summer evening, a fun atmosphere and experience is just as important as the food. Summer provides the perfect opportunity to bring in some live music such as a band or acoustic guitar for a relaxed ambiance. Music will encourage your customers to keep returning to your restaurant throughout spring and summer.

4)      Cleanliness

Cleanliness is key for outdoor spaces. Your bar should always be clean, comforting and inviting. Ensure your al-fresco dining area is well kept with no rubbish or wonky tables. Placing potted trees, flowers on tables or hanging baskets outdoors will also make customers feel like they’re enjoying nature. The Coq d’Argent is a wonderful example of a tidy roof terrace complete with gardens.

5)     Don’t forget the children

The school holidays mean a rise in the amount of families visiting your restaurants. Parents will base their decisions on where to eat depending on the family friendly nature of each restaurant. You can capitalise on this with plenty of enjoyable family entertainment such as barbeques, bouncy castles and sand-pits.

EasyCall Buttons from CST can help create an atmospheric outdoor dining experience at your restaurant.

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Image courtesy of Werner Kunz