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4 Clever Tips for Boosting Your Restaurant’s Lunch Business

Lunchtime offers a brilliant opening to attract new customers and bring in additional profits. However, this can be a challenge midweek when potential customers have a limited time-frame for lunch. Here we list our top 4 tips to help your restaurant boost lunch business.

1)      Free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi is an effective way to attract customers who are looking to catch up on emails during their lunch break. Many potential diners enjoy working remotely through the internet in a restaurant, café or bar. Provide free Wi-Fi to generate additional business at your foodservice business.

2)      Speedy Service

Customers are tight for time in the week and typically will have 45 minutes to order, eat and pay.  They will return to restaurants who can serve fresh food fast. Rob Mitchell, Executive Chef at Drake & Morgan’s The Anthologist ( see above image), used ConnectSmart Kitchen to slash order completion times from up to 20 minutes to just 8. “The main thing, of course, is that customers are happy. Also, because they get their main course so quickly, they have enough time for a dessert.”

3)      Package deals

A simple set menu or package deal is a winner. Chefs will be more efficient, customers will be happy and there will be minimal wastage. For a little inspiration check out Hix Soho’s set lunch menu with 2 courses for £19.50. Peruvian restaurant Lima London also sells a well-priced Monday-Friday set lunch menu with 2 courses for £20.

4)      Lightning fast payments

Customers can quickly change from relaxed to anxious in the last few minutes when they are expected back at the office and need to pay quickly. Keep up to date with efficient POS systems so you can take payments swiftly. For even faster payments consider investing in a mobile payment solution such as Flypay that allows customers to pay instantly on a smartphone.

Lunch is great opportunity for restaurant owners to increase profits and boost staff efficiency.