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5 ways staff attack systems could benefit your care home


Andrea Sutcliffe, Chief Adult Inspector at the CQC, claims “It’s about people’s whole lives, so we do need to be making it human, making it personal.” Staff attack systems are vital in ensuring quality care and the safety of staff. Here are 5 ways a staff attack system could benefit your care home

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1)      Summon immediate assistance

A good staff attack alarm system needs to direct response teams to the right location fast. In case of emergency, responding colleagues can quickly get to the correct location and not just the site of the original incident.

2)      Support your workers

Staff in a care home are its heart and they must be respected, well treated and supported. Your staff depend on attack systems so a reliable staff attack system is essential. A staff attack system should act like another member of staff helping keep your team safe at all times.

3)      Clear and reliable communication

There are staff attack systems available which integrate all the functions of an alarm, response pager, cordless phone and lone worker device in one discreet handset. Communication between staff members should be instant, clear and reliable. Staff also save the hassle of carrying multiple devices.

4)      Discreet

Noisy alarms and text displays can be intrusive and cause unnecessary anxiety to residents. A staff attack systems eliminates loud alarms. The BlueBell personal alarm and response pager is also easy-to-install ensuring minimal disruption to the daily working life of your care home.

A reliable staff attack system ensures staff safety. CST are happy to discuss how a staff attack system may benefit your home.

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