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How To: Improve Customer Service At Your Stadium

Kiosks, restaurants, retail stores and hospitality suites – staff efficiency must be excellent throughout a venue. However, this can be a challenge in a busy stadium. Here we list our top 4 ways to help boost efficiency in stadiums.

1)    Cut queues in retail outlets

Long queues can put customers off. Customer pagers let customers wait for their table in the bar, and staff can get in touch immediately the table is ready. With customer pagers, staff have more time to satisfy customers and upsell.

2)     Service at the touch of a button

Call buttons help to maximise profits in hospitality suites, executive boxes and meeting rooms. Guests simply press a wireless button to request service or food and drink without leaving their table. With a call button system from CST, you can capture extra business that might otherwise be lost in a busy stadium.

3)     Serve top quality food

Kitchen screens tell chefs when to start cooking an item, so each meal in an order is completed at the same time. This technology lets chefs focus on preparing brilliant food. Food waste is also drastically reduced as all items are served hot and fresh.

4)     Keep the fans safe

In a crowded stadium, the difference between seconds and minutes can diffuse a dangerous situation or even save a life. Immediate response is essential to protect the public and your business. A StewardCall Paging System puts immediate communication in the palm of your hand. Pressing a button sends an instant alert to the relevant personnel.

The latest technology can increase your profits, boost efficiency and create an outstanding customer experience in stadiums.