Drake & Morgan’s The Fable enjoys harmony in the kitchen thanks to CST

As Drake & Morgan announces plans to open two more sites in London, its latest launch, The Fable, is benefiting from improved food quality and reduced order wait times, as well as a harmonious kitchen atmosphere, thanks to Call Systems Technology (CST)’s kitchen automation system.

As with all its sites, capacity management was a key issue for Drake & Morgan at The Fable. The operator wanted its diners to be able to enjoy a two course meal in a 45 minute lunch window. The CSK system speeds up order wait times by automatically allocating each section of an order to the correct chef, and giving them all the information and specs they need to prepare the food, allowing them to get on with cooking, while also ensuring each item is completed at the same time, however long each element takes to prepare.

 CSK also eliminates any tension between front and back of house by removing the danger of misplaced tickets or lost orders. The chefs know exactly what they need to cook when, and the wait staff can easily see what stage their orders are at through the screens installed by the kitchen. This allows them to spend their time in the restaurant looking after their customers.

At all other Drake & Morgan sites CSK has proved hugely effective, cutting wait times, increasing spend per head, quickening table turns and improving food quality. Order completion times have been slashed from 20 minutes to just eight, and the team believes it will be as much of a success at The Fable.

Rob Mitchell, Group Executive Chef for Drake & Morgan, commented: “We’ve been blown away by the results the CSK system has achieved at our other sites, so it was an absolute must-have at The Fable […] We wouldn’t open a new site without it, and plan to work with CST on our next two sites which will be opening in late 2014 and early 2015 respectively.”

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