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5 helpful tips for increasing customer loyalty in your restaurant

While gaining loyal customers at your restaurant is flattering, it’s no easy task. Staff efficiency, customer service and food quality must all be top notch to attract repeat business.

So without further ado, here are our top 5 tips for increasing customer loyalty at your restaurant.

1)      Create an invisible queue

A long wait for a table can quickly deter customer loyalty. Customer pagers create an ‘invisible queue’ of waiting diners by allowing them to wait where they wish. With CST customer pagers, you can serve guests in a sequence without them physically waiting in a queue.

2)       Keep it consistent

When a repeat customer comes into your restaurant they already have high expectations. Will their food taste as good as last time? Will the portion sizes be the same? Ensure customers can rely on your restaurant to always provide an excellent customer experience. ConnectSmart TeamAssist presents key recipe information and photos to improve accuracy and consistency.

Image courtesy of Restaurant Engine

Image courtesy of Restaurant Engine

3)      Boost Staff Productivity

Slow Service? A waiter paging system will help you serve food hot and fresh. The chef pushes a button to alert waiting staff as soon as orders are ready to be served. Waiting staff can spend more time providing excellent customer service and upselling. Waiter pagers from CST are an effective way to improve communication between the kitchen and waiting staff.

4)      Smile

A smile goes a long way. In fact, according to research from Barclays it’s the number one way to ensure your customers keep coming back. 51% of consumers said a smile and friendly hello was what made them return to small and medium-sized businesses.

Image Courtesy of Kitchenette

Image Courtesy of Kitchenette

5)      Be social

Social media is a brilliant way to develop relationships with customers. It’s one of your most valuable marketing assets. Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks to provide offers, answer questions and post photos.

The latest restaurant technology from Call Systems Technology improves food quality and speeds up service, in turn increasing customer loyalty.

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