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Tackle peak season with WaiterCall paging system

Ever thought about how to tackle busy events such as Mother’s day, Father’s Day and so on? Celebratory seasons are hectic times for restaurants, from dealing with visible queues, serving hot foods and being well-organised.  Our CST WaiterCall and paging system and QSR products guaranteed to speed up your customer service. We work hard to understand your business and strive to deliver effective and cutting-edge solutions to improve your service. We have various types of communication solutions to suit your needs, whether it’s to fade visible queues, to notify customers when their food is ready, or to manage the back of house, we’ve got it covered!

Table Scout


Say goodbye to long queues

Waiting in a long queue for a table is a dispiriting experience, ahead of a promising lip-smacking meal. Our TableScout paging system, reduces long queues by notifying the staff when a table is ready. It also helps the staff to communicate quicker, and saves you time from searching for a team member or table.


No more cold food complaints!

Serve food as soon as it’s ready! Our WaiterCall transmitter sends a silent message to the waiter’s pager. The pager vibration signals the exact moment an order is ready for collection. The Waiter Call paging system abolishes cold food complaints, raised voices from the kitchen.

CST's ConnectSmart

Deliver at pace

Too many orders at once? Not sure how to priorities during busy hours? Our QSR Connect Smart Kitchen (CSK), allows the back of house to consider prep time in order to deliver at pace. All front of house staff have access to CSK system to in order to check the progress of the orders. Changes made on each items are indicated, ensuring the staff know the status of their orders. Once the orders are complete, they are removed from the screen and ready be served.

What do our clients say about us?

At CST we strive to deliver resourceful and high quality on-site communications and alarm solutions for our clients. We are dedicated to revolutionise the on- site communications sector with new products and maintain our excellent customer service. See below what our clients think of our products and services.

“We tested a variety of systems, but nothing came up to WaiterCall.  It was easy to use, reliable and tough.  It gave us no problems at all, unlike other systems we tried.  It made our food service very efficient and it’s been crucial to the smooth running of all our sites.”

Development Manager,  Revolution


“Our customers really like the customer call pagers and we don’t need the tannoy anymore. The kitchen pager system means that food goes out quicker and hotter and our waiting staff are not making wasted trips to the kitchen, which means more time to spend with patrons”

Service Quality Manager, Beefeater Restaurants (Whitbread)


 “CST has been a great company to work with, both professional and progressive in their approach.  More importantly, they have worked hard to understand our business and culture in order to present us with innovative ideas that have always added value immediately.”

Managing Director, The Restaurant Group