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5 ways to improve your front of house

Looking for a smooth front of house and repeated business? Welcome to the invisible queue!

With a customer paging system, standing in queues will be a thing of the past and your guest experience will skyrocket. Here are 5 ways that you can improve profit and gain happy customers…

Embrace Technology

From managing tables to keeping track of waiting customers, innovative restaurant technology can reduce the hustle and bustle of working in a bust restaurant. With products like CustomerCall, your guests can get a drink from the bar or wander around instead of standing in a queue and causing crowds in the front of your restaurant. This prevents frustration from both the guests and staff which often leads to tainted views of your restaurant.


Busy can put people off

Busy restaurants can be off-putting for passers-by. Losing potential customers means a loss of potential profit… something no restaurants want. So, to prevent a packed entrance of customers waiting to be shown to their table, have a spacious seating area to make customers feel important and valued.

Know how to handle complaints

With many hungry and impatient customers coming in and out of the restaurant, complaints are bound to arise. By having polite and friendly staff on the door, customers are more likely to wait around for their table. Generally, angry customers equal less profit, so to minimise this impact, it is best to make sure complaints are dealt with as swiftly as possible and guests are well accommodated.

Communication between staff is key

Communication is a vital concept when running your restaurant and it can have big benefits for the front of house too. If a customer has a bad experience, like asking numerous members of staff for a drink and still not getting one, they are unlikely to return. However, two-way radios enable instant communication between waiting staff, managers and kitchen staff, making sure all customer needs are dealt with. A restaurant with many floors would be able to communicate between the waiter and front of house staff when a table is free, meaning that the guests can be allocated a table more efficiently. This will stimulate repeated business and loyal customers as well as boosting profits.


Maximising table turnover

By using Table Management, staff can manage wait lists and increase reservation bookings by using a browser widget on your restaurant’s website. So, as well as having a smooth operation front of house, you can also increase your profits.