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Preparing for the end of season airport rush

It’s approaching the end of summer and everyone is returning from their exotic summer holidays to head back to school. Despite lengthy check-in queues and delays, there are ways that you can keep your airport running as efficiently as possible, keeping staff stress-free and passengers satisfied.

Lengthy check-in queues… The answer? Communication, communication, communication

No passenger wants to queue for hours to check-in when they could be sitting having a coffee once through security. So why should they? We have a solution that will guarantee your passengers are as happy as possible. DECT phones are a cost-effective communication method, allowing for different departments to integrate via two-way speech, text and data messaging. And the benefits? Your staff will be aware of any issues, so if more employees are required to check-in passengers, this will be possible. As a result, your airport will run effortlessly and long queues will be a thing of the past thanks to efficient staff.

Let your passengers take the reins to combat those information desk woes

Too often airport information desks are unmanned, which not only causes queues to build, but boasts bad customer service as well. But look no further – the answer is here. Using call buttons is a great way to encourage customer engagement and promises a fast response. So when a passenger requires assistance, they simply press a button to call for staff who receive the alert through communication devices like staff pagers and radios. The benefits are endless, including reduced customer frustration and your staff being more productive, safe in the knowledge that they will be alerted as soon as they are needed.


Cater to your customers’ every need

Airports are classic places that have long waiting times, often caused by delays. So what do your passengers do? They use their phones to amuse themselves, only later to realise that they are down to the dreaded red zone – 20%. Therefore, a great way to keep your customers happy is by providing them with portable mobile phone chargers, and CST’s brand new Discgo charger is a superb one to use. Your airport’s customer service and guest experience will go through the roof as your passengers will be able to recharge their phones, never missing a call or email. Enhanced branding is also a major plus, as your airport’s logo can be inserted into the Discgo charger, visible to see by all.

Eliminate false evacuations

False evacuations are a problem for all businesses as they halt productivity. But for airports in summertime, it can be a real issue because evacuating thousands of agitated holiday makers is not a good move. However, your airport can find solace in our fire alarm paging system as you will be able to determine whether an alarm is false or verified. When an alarm is triggered, a designated fire marshal will be notified immediately to where the first alarm has been activated. Then, they will establish the validity of the alarm before the alarm is heard by the rest of the building. So as well as preventing angry passengers and wasting time, your airport can maintain a good relationship with the fire service.