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Sale season: 7 shopper pet hates and how to avoid them

It’s sale season. Your high street retail store is most likely busy, messy and full of staff unequipped to deal with the situation. Your solution? Radios and call buttons. Your store will instantly be calmer and more efficient. And the benefit? Happier customers, queue management and more profit.

Take a look at our list of the top 7 customer pet hates during the sale season.

Pressurising sales staff

As soon as a customer walks through the door, a member of staff asks: ‘Do you need any help?’ Sound familiar? This can be off-putting to customers who have come to shop in order to relax. The last thing customers want are staff following them around, waiting for them to pick something up.

Call buttons can be placed in strategically placed locations so customers can press for help when and if it is required. Staff will be able to receive the alert via a radio, staff pager, DECT phone or wireless headset. So, instead of irritating staff, your retail store can benefit from an improved guest experience and faster staff response times, possible increasing the profit of your store.

Staff having non-work related conversations whilst customers are waiting

Apart from being unprofessional, having personal conversations with other staff as opposed to helping customers is just rude. Remember that the staff in your store are there to accommodate your customer’s needs.

Making sure your staff are always accommodative of your customers should improve the customer experience, increasing the chances of them visiting again.

99p Price tags

Is your high street retail store guilty of attaching 99p to the price of every product during sale   season? Listed as one of customers top pet hates, unsurprisingly, seeing £19.99, £49.99 and £99.99 doesn’t fool them.

Limited staff at the checkout

Your store should always have an adequate number of people at the checkout so there is no build up. Too often, this is experienced by customers in high street retail stores which cases customer irritation and can taint your store’s reputation.

Two-way radios are a good solution as staff can communicate easily when more of the team are needed at the checkout. CST’s EasyCall system gives employees the power to alert staff when needed, meaning the staff are able to attend to other duties in the meantime. As a result, your shop should benefit from greater efficiency, queue management and staff productivity.

Unhelpful Staff

Having staff who are uninformed about the products they are selling can be annoying for customers as it wastes their time. Therefore, training your staff is extremely beneficial and will improve the product information and after-sales aspects of your customer service. The result? Happy, loyal customers.

Sale season = Messy

During the busy period, it is essential that your staff are as effective and productive as possible because your store can easily become messy and unsystematic. If customers can’t find the size or item they want, they get easily frustrated so make sure your shop floor is organised.


It’s not your size

Customers often pick up the wrong size clothing or shoes when trying them on and so to maximize guest experience and satisfaction, staff should be able to find them an alternative size. EayCall buttons can be placed in changing rooms so when a customer needs assistance, staff can be quickly alerted. Employees will receive the alert via a radio, DECT phone, staff pager, or wireless headset. This will increase customer service and in turn, boost your profits.