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Tackle mobile phone charging in your venue during RWC 2015.

With the 2015 Rugby World Cup only a handful of days away it is no surprise that it is the talk of the techno town. From tweeting to betting, the heavily anticipated sporting event has everyone hooked. And this year it is taking place in none other than the home of rugby, England, drawing in an estimated 466,000 international visitors. Combine this with over 2 million British spectators and it really is an event too big to miss!


If statistics are correct, and 2.19 million people attend the rugby event that is 2.19 million mobile phones in circulation at once. 2.19 million people tweeting/Facebooking/snapchatting from their hand held device. Mobile phones are unquestionably brilliant but their battery life however is questionable. For example, fans have arrived at your bar ready to watch the England vs. Wales game and seconds before kick off their phone dies and panic mode sets in. After all, if there’s not a selfie on Facebook were you even really watching RWC2015?

Not to panic! We have the solution to all your power worries and it comes in the style of an efficient puck form called DiscgoDiscgo is an ingenious charging solution that enables individuals to charge their device on the go. You can charge not one, but two devices at once. Discgo has the ability to charge from nought to 100% in 100 minutes, the same rate as being plugged into a wall.

Rugby is a sport that appeals to a vast amount of people and thus a variety of ages. So although it may feel like the world is dominated by the iPhone, I can assure you Discgo comes supplied with a mixture of cables to kit even your granny’s phone out. Leaving 99% of mobile phone users satisfied.

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The most reassuring feature of Discgo for consumers is that it’s portable so the gadget, and therefore the phone too, stays with the consumer at all times. Freeing bar staff, waiters and waitresses from the daily question of, “Can I charge my phone behind the bar?” Leaving staff free of haggling and consumers free of worrying whether their phone is safe.

Discgo has a clear round front where printed inserts can be placed. Businesses can take advantage of this opportunity to promote their brand in the slot and attract thirsty fans. However thirsty fans can be clumsy fans as British people know all too well, thus one major worry playing on anyone’s mind as they read this is, “Is it water resistant?” and the answer is YES! However I wouldn’t advise dropping a pint over it just yet… Drink spillages are unforgivable in the world of rugby.

British people are not only renowned for their appreciation of rugby and alcohol but also their love of a freebie. Discgo does not require consumers to pay to charge their phone, that is at the complete discretion of the venue. Therefore, a bar that has the Rugby World Cup showing plus a free charging solution will have fans swarming in before the first pint is pulled.


So why not invest in a Discgo and relish in the ambiance provided by the 2015 Rugby World Cup. Enjoy!