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Don’t let golf addiction drive a wedge between club members and their phones

In recent years the ban of mobile phones on the golf course has significantly relaxed, now over 50% of golfers cannot play 18 holes of golf without checking their phone at least once during the game.

This changing trend has been impacted by the development of smart phones. Our hand held devices now do more than simply receive calls. Golfers can use their smart phones to take selfies during the game, track their stats or even film their swing. Over three quarters of players welcome the new ways mobile phones can be used on the golf course and openly use their phones throughout the game.

  • 36% of golfers post on social media whilst playing
  • 29% of golfers track stats whilst playing
  • 25% of golfers monitor the web whilst playing

Tweeting, tracking stats and surfing the web quickly takes a toll on battery life. With the average round of golf lasting five hours maintaining a phone charge while on the golf course can be problematic. Don’t let golf addiction drive a wedge between club members and their phones. Give golfers the ability and freedom to charge their phone on the course and in the club house with Discgo Charger. Discgo is a portable robust charging system and the solution every golf club needs.


How will other golfers know where to find the best golf course in town if players do not have enough battery to post photos on Instagram while they play? When players can recharge on the course they can tweet and share as much as they want, ultimately gaining publicity for your club. The abundance of smart phone apps which make it possible for golfers to improve their game are power hungry and will easily drain a phone battery before the last hole is reached. By simultaneously charging two devices at once Discgo gives your members the opportunity to continuously improve their golfing ability right up until the last green.

Provide Discgo at the bar or restaurant to entice guests to stay at the clubhouse once they have completed their round of golf. Golfers can recharge their phones whilst enjoying a meal or a drink without the fear they have missed important phone calls because their battery became flat on the course.

Discgo contains enough power to charge 4 mobile phones from 0-100% before needing to be redocked allowing players to charge their phones across the entire golf course, from the initial tee right up until the 19th hole. With skills like that Discgo Charger will soon become everyone’s favourite golf buddy.