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3 New Year’s resolutions for your restaurant

Kick-start your restaurant’s 2016 with a New Year’s resolution which can easily be kept. Don’t give up halfway through the year, stick with these three resolutions all year long to make 2016 a successful year.

Website optimisation

The internet has encompassed almost every part of daily life including the process of picking where to dine out.  Your restaurant needs to be easily found via search engines and specifically on Google maps, so ensure the type of cuisine you serve and your address is clearly advertised.

Many diners will choose to look at menus online when deciding where to eat so make sure your menu is easily accessible and easy to read. Once potential customers have looked at the menu stop them looking for alternative restaurants by giving them the ability to book online with the addition of a reservation tool to your website.

Increase social media presence

Social Media is no longer just for the younger generation so there is no excuse not to be actively using at least one channel. More than one billion people are active on Facebook and over 400 million use Instagram. This is a huge audience to advertise your restaurant and your brand.

Promote meal deals, special events as well as your food across social media platforms in order to engage with current and potential customers. Run competitions encouraging people to engage with your posts, for example offer a free drink to the first ten people who share a photo. Social media platforms can also be used to manage complaints, don’t let one nasty tweet or Facebook comment negatively affect your business.

Focus on the customer experience

A great customer service experience will encourage diners to return as well as encourage them to tell their friends and family. In August 2015 a report found that 80% of people say word-of-mouth has the biggest influence on where they decide to eat. Customer service horror stories can be seen everywhere online but don’t forget that diners are spreading the good word offline.

Improving the customer’s experience isn’t limited to staff’s service either, your restaurant needs to give guests something extra. Consider offering free Wi-Fi or purchase a portable charging system to allow diners to charge their phones whilst they eat.

Engage with customers via your website, social media and in house to provide an overall positive dining experience. The combination of these three resolutions will ensure a positive year of profits for your restaurant.