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Top five hospitality stories for November

With all the news flying around each month it can be hard to keep track. Click below to read the top five stories of the month.

01. The pressure is on to speed up your service
A recent study by Barclaycard has shown that customers find the most frustrating part of the dining experience is slow service with 49% saying they lose their patience when food takes too long to arrive. A fast service is so important to customers that diner’s prioritise it over value and menu choices. If restaurants adopted a simple kitchen automation system it would lead to a much more organised restaurant, making the service quicker and more efficient thus bringing about happy customers.

02. Making diners with allergies feel comfortable
Excellent communication between staff and customers when a diner has an allergy is the key to managing allergen legislation. Many resta­urants such as Pho and 64 Degrees in Brighton are particularly careful to adapt a dish to a diner’s requirement if they have a food intolerance. Pho has even made their menus totally gluten free to make it easier for staff to understand rather than having a couple of items which may have some gluten in them. Modern technology allows waiters to select ingredients the diner cannot eat from a meal and send this information to kitchen staff without confusion, putting the diners mind at ease.

03. The key to diner loyalty is technology
For many years restaurants believed customers who were consistently satisfied would eventually become loyal customers. In reality less than 15% of fully satisfied customers become loyal. It is what the customer values such as trust and knowledge and the customer’s wants that is related to loyalty, and technology can hugely assist with this. An example of this is steak restaurants. Technology today allows many restaurants to know when the steak is cooked to the diner’s preference. Technology also allows the waiter to know which steak each person ordered so when it comes to serving the meal the whole table doesn’t have to be interrupted to find out who ordered the medium rare. This means the customer’s wants are attended to as they have a perfectly cooked steak and the waiters knowledge of whose steak is whose fulfils the values customers look for, resulting in a loyal customer.

04. Flypay helps restaurants and pub chains consolidate their technology with a new platform
Just Eat has invested in Flypay to become the latest tech partner on Flypay’s Flyt platform, which lets restaurants pubs and bars integrate numerous tech services like bookings and loyalty to things like delivery and reviews. The new Flyt platform aims to integrate many of the tech solutions the hospitality industry uses as well as connecting into bigger apps and other platforms. Just Eat and Flypay are planning to collaborate on digital experiences for establishments across the casual dining sector. Powered by Flyt, we will see Flypay integrating delivery into restaurants and pubs’ own apps.

05. Inamo steps up its interactive game
Asian restaurant Inamo has often been named the restaurant at the front of the tech queue. Their ‘techy’ ways began when the founders developed the idea of the ‘E-table’, an interactive table that allows customers to order their food on it as well as watch their food being prepared in the kitchen. Inamo now offers the technology customers are craving – online booking, contactless payment as well as an interactive experience. Each site incorporates variations of an overhead projection system, touch panels and a track pad built into the table. With these funky tech initiatives you can do everything from playing games to changing the colour of the table cloth.