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The top ten retail brands to follow on social media

With so many different retailers vying for our attention it’s hard to choose the right ones to follow on social media. To make it easier for you, we’ve done all the research and come up with the most engaging, active, authentic and visually stimulating brands worthy of a follow.

Innocent Drinks
Innocent are all about making their followers laugh and Twitter is where they shine. Innocent doesn’t worry too much about selling their products via social media instead they stay up to date with popular culture and tweet the things we’re all thinking along with hilarious customer responses.

Shoes help you explore and that’s exactly what Vans want to convey via their social media channels. Filled with lifestyle and action shots Vans challenge their followers to get out and see the world.

Lunch breaks with a view.

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Sharpie doesn’t use social media to simply showcase their products, instead they show what can be done with their products. Their accounts show off the art, craft and illustration projects from Sharpie customers around the world, so give Sharpie a follow and spark your imagination.

Bill Slowsky? #sharpieturtle (Image via AlyssaBee3D)

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Filled with famous athletes and inspiration, all of Nike’s social media channels will motivate you to put in those hours at the gym. After a few weeks of following Nike their Just Do It slogan will become your mantra!

Stand as one. Play as one. Win as one. #justdoit

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For anyone who’s a fan of home cooking, Sainsbury’s facebook page is full of great recipes to try, even if you’re not an avid baker. Sainsbury’s has also been recognised for the online customer service it provides, not only are their representatives helpful and polite, they have been known to have witty exchanges with customers.

Waterstones is helping keep book stores relevant in the digital age with their twitter and Instagram feeds. Posting a variety of content, ranging from author news and recommended reads to new book releases and writer quotes, Waterstones is catering for book lovers everywhere.

All good social media channels post a variety of content and that’s exactly what Topman does. On their twitter feed you’ll find everything from style ideas and competitions to fundraising efforts and in-store discounts. If you’re interested in fashion, then following Topman is a no-brainer.

Although Ikea’s obvious social media aim is to raise product awareness they do a great job at keeping people engaged. Their posts range from visually aesthetic photos and design ideas to ones asking for customer engagement; our personal favourite is their #catsofikea hashtag which encourages customers to post images of their cats with Ikea furniture.

Dolce & Gabbana
Dolche & Gabbana doesn’t simply post product images on Instagram, they use the platform to tell a story which you can follow over the course of several days. Combined with behind the scene images and celebrity snaps there’s no harm in following Dolce & Gabbana even if it’s not in your price range.

With her fruit in tow, she heads to work and is prepared for the busy day ahead. #DGFabulousFantasy

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Urban Outfitters
The Urban Outfitters Instagram feed makes us want to buy everything the store is selling. In a unique way Urban Outfitters inspires us to dress better, decorate better and also to relax, with their frequent bedding pics and choice of soothing filters. Although the retailer is quite sales focused their creative imagery makes us overlook that fact.