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Top ten reasons why we still need pagers

At Call Systems Technology (CST) we supply paging systems to over 15,000 users across a diverse range of industries. Our advanced paging systems allow users to easily and rapidly communicate with staff and guests with the benefits of paging far outweighing the use of mobile phones.

1. Reliability
Our pagers don’t rely on the same transmitters used by mobile networks, instead they operate with stronger transmitters that are able to send signals much further. In the event that a cell phone network goes down, such as during natural disasters, it is critical for reliable communication to remain. This is why pagers are so heavily relied on in the healthcare industry, especially by emergency services such as nurses and in A&E departments.

2. Secure messages
More secure than mobile phone messaging, pagers provide hospitals, security companies, doctor offices and more with a secure platform to communicate with staff.

3. Long lasting battery power
Powered by replaceable batteries pagers don’t need to be plugged into electricity to charge, unlike mobile phones where most require plugging in at least one a day, sometimes even two or three times. If the power is out and a mobile phone dies there’s nothing you can do in the case of an emergency, a pager just needs another battery and becomes as good as new.  With most pagers only requiring one AA battery they’re designed to last significantly longer than your phone battery.

4. Cheap to run
A mobile phone plan costs on average £40 per month, imagine hospitals spending £480 annually per person to send patient updates or roster changes. Instead paging service contracts will often cost the same for one year as smartphone contracts cost for one month, making pagers much more cost effective.

5. Robust
Ever dropped your mobile phone, even by accident? Then you know how lucky you are if the screen is the only part to break. We only supply the most robust pagers and have the drop test results to prove it.

6. Ease of use
The use of pagers requires little to no training and their benefits can be immediately utilised with minimal installation.

7. Discreet
The size of mobile phones continues to expand, especially when it comes to screen size. With smart phones boasting screen displays of over five inches it becomes near impossible to conceal a private message. Just think how many times you’ve seen your neighbour on the train ask their partner what to have for dinner. Pagers make it possible to receive and read a message without others seeing.

8. Integration
Easily integrate with Gen2 messaging software to automate messages and connect with staff wherever they are. Use Gen2 to send recurring messages and reminders either daily, weekly, monthly or annually or send one time messages, used to alert people of issues such as inclement weather, system failures or security threats.

9. Mature Technology
Because pagers have existed for more than half a century the technology has had the chance to evolve, eliminating glitches and bugs in the process.

10. Group communication
Pagers allow users to send the same message to multiple people at the same time. The speed, ease and reliability of this process is much greater than the same method for smart phones. Ideal for use by emergency response teams who can all receive the same message at the same time.

We’re a proud supplier of paging systems and are known by the customers we keep including; The NHS, Great Ormond Street Hospital, Cancer Research. Ikea, O2 Arena, Arsenal, TGI Fridays, Burger & Lobster, Flat Iron, TRG, Marston’s, Drake & Morgan.