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The hotel locations where Gen2 improves the guest experience

Efficient communication is essential for the smooth operation of any hotel, in addition to the integral role it plays in the guest experience. Staff who struggle to communicate will find it difficult to respond to guest requests and will not have access to the correct information in the case of an emergency. By utilising a messaging software solution, such as Call System Technology’s Gen2, which unifies all communication channels, staff are able to focus on enhancing the guest experience.

Guest rooms
False fire evacuations occur more often than they should during hotel stays and can be caused by a range of triggers, including guests sneaking a cigarette in their room or food burning in the kitchen. Middle of the night room evacuations have a detrimental effect on the guest experience with many guests claiming compensation, which can cost thousands. Gen2 eliminates false evacuations whilst still maintaining staff and guest safety. When an alarm is triggered Gen2 alerts the correct member of staff, whether it be the fire warden, maintenance team or hotel security, of the location of the alarm so the situation can be investigated before the alarm sounds.

Staff numbers can make it difficult to offer a 24/7 reception desk and check in service, however the facility has become an important element for many travellers. Connecting with door bells and DECT phones Gen2 gives hotels the ability to maintain customer service even when the concierge desk isn’t staffed. During out of hour periods concierge calls can be taken via a DECT phone, regardless of where the staff member is in the hotel, and Gen2 can also direct pager alerts when door bells are triggered.

Meeting rooms
Upholding the highest level of customer service is paramount for hotel meeting rooms, but it can be difficult for staff to achieve without being intrusive. Thankfully, Gen2 integrates with a range of call buttons so service can be delivered discreetly. Placed on meeting room tables, call buttons gives guests the opportunity to easily alert staff when assistance is required. Using the appropriate call button, Gen2 can even alert staff to the specific request required. For example, a three option button allows guests to press the appropriate button, either for tea/coffee, water or food so staff are prepared with the items upon entering the room.

Hotel Grounds
For hotels with vast grounds to maintain or ones in remote locations, where cell signal is limited, it becomes difficult for staff to communicate with each other, whether it be responding to a guest request or in the case of an emergency. Pagers, radios, lone worker pendants and DECT phones all connect to the Gen2 software to offer a more reliable alternative to cell communication. Ensure all guest requests are responded to promptly, regardless of their location, and uphold the highest level of safety for both guests and staff.

Restaurant & Bar
Similar to meeting rooms, the incorporation of Gen2 and call buttons means guests receive the highest level of service at all times during their stay. Call buttons allow diners to control their dining experience, everything from requesting more food and drinks to settling the bill can be achieved from the touch of a button.