Why flexibility is great for patient waiting

Help keep busy waiting areas socially distanced & safe

The flow of people attending appointments, waiting for prescriptions, requiring ad hoc help and assistance doesn’t stop.

The need for maintaining social distancing within waiting areas often, when space is at a premium, means that a solution has to be found.

Part of the answer could be providing more flexibility…


By adopting a patient pager solution to aid social distancing within waiting areas you can;


1) Provide peace of mind 

When a patient checks in for their appointment, they’ll be handed a pager. This pager is acknowledgement they’re on the waiting list and will be contacted when ready to be seen.


2) Wait in the comfort of their own surroundings

A patient doesn’t have to be concerned in unfamiliar or uncomfortable surroundings – especially if normal waiting areas are close to capacity. If a patient wishes to, or they need to for medical reasons, they’re free to wait in their own vehicle.


3) Give the vulnerable or less-abled body a safe area to wait

For those who can’t venture outside the normal waiting areas, it offers a safe space, with minimal people.


4) Allow people to get a brew

Stresses can often run high with attending an appointment, especially during these times, so let patients grab a drink or wait in the on-site café or restaurant. This not only allows for social distancing from the waiting area, but also benefits from a distraction of getting a drink and/or something to nibble.


A patient paging solution is simple to deploy, use and maintain. It provides patients waiting with the peace of mind, comfort and security that their wait will be a socially distanced one.

Interested to see the solution… click here for more info

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