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How to use technology to combat restaurant complaints

It can take 20-years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. In today’s digital world, a restaurant’s online reputation is under continuous scrutiny and flux. With the popularity and growth of review sites, how can restaurants take advantage of technological opportunities whilst avoiding the threats?

Did you know a staggering 60% of British people have admitted to making a complaint whilst dining out? This alarming figure is unacceptable in a modern world where copious technology options are available for operators to improve the guest experience. 

Below we’ve highlighted the best technology to combat the top 3 restaurant complaints – so guests can enjoy their dining experience.


Complaint: Meals served at the incorrect temperature

Whether it’s soups served cold or salads served lukewarmly, meals served at the wrong temperature can quickly ruin a dining experience. The primary reason meals aren’t served at their optimal temperature is because dishes sit at the kitchen pass for extended periods waiting to be collected by a server.

Solution: Waiter paging

By using a waiter paging system, chefs can immediately alert the correct server when meals are ready to be delivered. Servers will have access to a personal pager, allowing meals to be served promptly and at the correct temperature. This solution also eliminates the time wasted going back and forth from the kitchen to check on orders.


Complaint: Slow service

No one likes to wait, especially whilst out to eat, but in a busy restaurant, it’s difficult to get the attention of a server. During lunch or dinner rushes, guests regularly wait extended periods before they can order food, additional drinks or pay their bill.

Solution: Call buttons

Placing call buttons on restaurant tables allows customers to get the attention of their server with minimal effort. When a call button is pressed, the server receives an instant alert with the table number, so they know exactly where to tend to next. Not only is service speed improved but profits can be a boost because it’s easier for guests to order additional food and drinks.


Complaint: Poor positioning 

Restaurant layouts that perch diners in undesirable locations – like near a kitchen service door – is fodder for customer dissatisfaction. The general noise of table conversations and shuffling about of a lot of customers in a confined space only add to the frustration. This may lead to customers requesting to be moved to another table and lack of internal communication may mean losing your customers. This then can open up a myriad of problems, including those that feature as other top complaints. 

Solution: Table locater system

A Table locater system helps you deliver food faster and fresher, without wasting time searching for customers. You’ll increase efficiency while reducing congestion at the order counter, and create a calmer, more satisfying atmosphere for guests. Table tags monitor customer location in real-time and software provides advanced reporting of restaurant activity. 

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