5 quick tips for choosing the right two-way radio

Are you looking to buy a two-way radio system? Here are 5 tips to help assess your needs and choose the best two-way radio for your requirements.

1) Range

If you go to a local or online store, you will see radios which claim they have a range of 4km. Yet when you take them home you find they don’t even reach 1km. Why? One of the most important factors is obstacles in the path of transmission. Be sure to keep this in mind.


2) Licensing

If you’re purchasing a radio for your business, most business-band radios require you to purchase a license from OFCOM before you can use the radios. Don’t get caught out! Decide whether you need a licensed or unlicensed radio before you buy. Licensed radios provide confidential communication and protect you from interference from other users, whereas unlicensed radios do not. CST will buy the license on your behalf, sparing you the effort of applying for one yourself.


3) Size

Many businesses prefer a lightweight radio, as the size and weight is an immense advantage when carried around. Although licensed radios are heavier than unlicensed ones, they can transmit over a wider area. Also, larger radios usually have longer battery life.


4) Durability

How and where the two-way radios will be used determines the durability needed. If you think they’ll get knocked around a bit, then you’ll need a protective leather case or sturdier model.


5) Quality

Poor quality and low power radio will never do a satisfactory professional job. Buy a quality product the first time around, which will save you time and money in the long run.



As two-way radios are becoming more technologically advanced, features, functions and integrations will play a huge part in which model is right for you.


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