Top 5 benefits for connecting your radio to a software application

Radio integration with software applications, such as Gen2, provides an abundance of functionality, all from the radio you hold in your hand. From receiving information, alerts and alarms from your fire alarm panel, BMS, access control, disabled alarms, security alarms and job management application – it truly helps provide seamless and efficient communications.

So, the device you thought you could just talk on has become an integral tool for your teams and your entire operation.


Receive fire alarm alerts to your radio

By using Gen2, you can connect your onsite fire alarm panel to your radio system and be alerted immediately when an alarm is activated.


Building Management System (BMS)

Connect your BMS to Gen2 in the same way as a fire alarm alert. Receive text notifications of temperature changes, if a machine has stopped running, or if a door, or window, has been left open.



Security alarms, lift alarms, disabled alarms, pool alarms – alarms, alarms, alarms – all delivered to your radio.


Access control

Open your gate or barrier remotely by using your radio. Perfect if your security personnel are on patrol – never miss a delivery or hold up a drop off again.


Job management…?

No problem! Send and receive jobs directly to a user’s radio. Manage the job from start to finish via the radio system – with alerts if tasks/jobs aren’t allocated or taking too long. Your radio is suddenly acting like a PDA… but you can talk, have the facility of an emergency button and access GPS tracking (plus much more) – all in one device.


The integration with your on-site applications helps people deal with situations as they arise, quickly and effectively. Keeping key team members informed and aiding to manage issues before they escalate.

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