Restaurant Solutions That’ll See You Through the Summer

Now that we’re in full swing of summer, restaurants, pubs, and bars fill up quickly both inside and out. The busier they get, the more streamlined service needs to be. To help with consumer confidence and satisfaction, establishments need to be ahead of the customer psyche and continue with secure measures as restrictions remain. So what else can you do?


Workforce Management

Adopting front-of-house technology ensures your staff are all aware of what is going on, especially on busy days. Manual practices often cause oversight in some areas, and adopting technological solutions provide clear guidance for a functional team and streamlined service.

Decrease Congestion

Queues for restaurant and pub-goers are at an all-time high as many try to make the most of the summer sun. While bookings are essential at most establishments, many continue to manage walk-ins, which could become a nightmare. Customer Paging makes for a perfect management solution reducing congestion and keeping your customers assured they have secured their place in line with the freedom to roam around while waiting. This way, keeping your customers happy and staff relaxed.

Kitchen Management

Introduce a kitchen management system to streamline operations by increasing speed of service, accuracy and efficiency across all orders. Businesses can monitor a range of variables specific to their needs in order to keep up with the influx of orders. Further communication between front house staff and the kitchen is essential in order to manage and streamline service. Table Management Systems assist venues that want to turn tables faster, serve more customers by notifying wait staff seating availability, or alert another staff member should a table be cleared. Communication is quicker and easier, and time is saved searching for team members or walking to the hostess stand.

Limit customer contact

Until further notice, limiting contact and social distancing is a precaution that all establishments practice. Implementing Push Button Paging is a solution to delivering quality customer service. It stops your customers from roaming around and your waiters making multiple trips to check on service.

The customer experience has never been more essential, and providing your teams with the right solutions ensures they are efficient and less stressed. By implementing these solutions, you can be more confident that your restaurant, pub or bar can handle the pressure not only during the summer season but as life finds its way back to normal.

Keep your customers in their happy place. Being in the right place at the right time has never been so simple.

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