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Technology: Supporting Industry Challenges

As technology makes leaps and bounds, the good news is that solutions are here for the taking. The pandemic has caused an increase in technology integration and its role in business operations. They have streamlined their processes using technology to shape the way they run.


Industry – Level Up Productivity

Rising numbers of manufacturing businesses are turning to technology to help improve their operations and efficiency to support their customer growth. AlarmCall is a solution that can be implemented to ensure the smooth running of production lines to meet strict deadlines in manufacturing plants. Take a look at how CST helped Ocado put an end to downtime and improved internal communication issues.

Hospitality – Contactless Service

The pandemic has delivered a psychological shift in the way consumers view hygiene and sanitisation. As a result, many businesses in the hospitality industry have now adopted technology solutions that streamline their service and keep both staff and customers safe. Customer Paging and Call Buttons are such examples that limit contact and increase productivity. Signals prompt the user to call for wait staff without leaving their seat or have the freedom to roam around while waiting to be seated.

Healthcare – Unbeatable Reliability

During the pandemic, communication solutions have become more critical than ever. With unmatched reliability and cost-effectiveness, the benefits have, once again, brought pagers and two-way radios to the front of clinical communication. Hospitals are known to be a maze of concrete and steel, and messages sent over spotty cellular or Wi-Fi coverage may not be delivered successfully. CST offer communication reliability, so you can be sure that the care team gets alerts or messages immediately.

In the race for competitive advantage, organisations must react in real-time – that is, now – to navigate this new environment. Therefore, businesses need to take action in critical areas to continue surviving and flourishing.

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