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Improve The Guest Experience With Hotel Technology

Operating a quality hotel, improving your establishment, and delivering unrivalled service are key to ensuring a positive guest experience and increase guest retention. So how exactly does hotel technology improve your establishment? And how can it be used to give guests an exceptional experience at your establishment? Let’s take a look.

Provide Superior Service

Who says there’s no such thing as the perfect guest experience? Get technology to work for you by taking your guest’s perspectives into consideration and further implementing solutions that meet their needs.

With wireless call button solutions designed to blend in with the decor of a hotel, they can be discreetly placed in various rooms including lobby areas, spas, conference centers, private dining rooms, and more. Easy to install and maintain, the solutions can be used as a standalone system or integrated with two-way radios and Gen2 software for an enhanced infrastructure.

Improve Staff Communication

When you empower your teams to communicate with each other, they can act on guests’ requests, coordinate services, and report back about solutions. An integrated two-way radio system ensures all departments have instant communication with each other, from management, transportation, housekeeping, guest services to security.

Increase Emergency Responsiveness

As hotel professionals, your guests’ comfort and safety is your top priority. Critical alert solutions manage alarms and alerts all while improving responsiveness and maintaining an excellent guest experience. The ability to offer full visibility over critical situations across your entire establishment ensures teams respond quickly and effectively. Your guests will see it as an investment in their safety and a commitment by your hotel to customer service and security.

Unify Your Infrastructure

With the Gen2 solution you improve the connection within your team for a more unified communication system. By monitoring an entire messaging and alarm operation you ensure the right people receive messages at the right time. By improving employee engagement, you create a more personalised business-to-customer interaction.

The hotel industry needs to embrace technology to stay relevant and be at the forefront of the guest experience. Having a competitive edge separates you from your competitors and ensures your guests will leave you raving reviews and revisit your hotel.