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CST Healthcare Patient Paging

Healthcare After the Pandemic: A CST Solution

COVID-19 has been the biggest challenge the healthcare sector has faced in living memory. A combination of skyrocketing costs, staff shortages and the need to continuously improve the quality of services only exacerbate the challenges the healthcare industry face. 

These challenges can certainly be met with the right solutions. By leveraging the opportunities and efficiencies offered by wireless communication technology, your healthcare establishment can remain viable and fit for the future. 


High performing wireless communication systems can help hospitals in numerous ways, such as improving care quality, decreasing expenses, and enhancing the communication between patients, doctors, and healthcare staff. 


Reduce the Costs of Care


In order to run healthcare establishment operations smoothly, efficient communication between administration, doctors, medical staff and patients is crucial.


Outdated technology provides opportunities for information to become lost or muddled. A note delivered to the wrong nurse or an urgent mobile phone call missed because of poor reception are just a few scenarios that occur every day in a healthcare setting. 


The solution? As well as driving significant cost savings, staff paging ensures your patient-related information is delivered quickly to the people who matter. Paging systems are a cost-effective, energy-efficient communication tool vital for your healthcare facility.


Improve Patient Experience


Paging systems are no longer solely used for communications between healthcare professionals – or at least they shouldn’t be. Patient paging should be an essential part of patient care, particularly as we look to life after COVID-19.


Waiting rooms can become crowded, intrusive and noisy – they’ve long been a significant pain point in the patient experience. 


Patient paging enables surgeries, pharmacies and hospital departments to streamline the functioning of waiting areas. By handing the patient a pager, they’re free to grab some fresh air and return on time for their appointment. 


Combat Staff Shortages


Cost-effective technology solutions that improve staff performance are essential in overcoming the current healthcare workforce shortages. 


An NHS Vacancy Report suggests that the health sector has a current shortage of 38,952 nurses, and by 2031, an additional 488,000 health care staff will be needed to help recover from the pandemic. Wireless technology can help bridge this gap and keep your staff productive and your patients cared for. 


Call buttons ensure healthcare staff remain available and contactable by all patients. This enables patients to quickly summon assistance should the need arise when they have treatment or therapy on their own. Moreover, call buttons allow your staff to be more flexible and efficient, enabling them to give the patient the best possible service.


COVID-19 has highlighted what have been challenges to the healthcare sector for years. 


What has remained a constant is that patients require healthcare professionals who can attend to their needs quickly and conveniently. Wireless technology makes this possible for both providers and patients. It’s cost-effective, efficient and safer than older forms of technology. 


From staff paging, radios and phones to security monitoring and critical information exchange, a CST system maximises both patient and staff experiences.