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Server carrying food in the summer rush

Restaurant Solutions to Manage the Summer Rush

The proliferation of food delivery apps offering customers restaurant-quality meals right to their front door means it has never been more important to provide a seamless dining experience for your customers. And what better way to ensure your entire team is connected from top to bottom than by using the most up-to-date communication technologies? Today, you’re going to learn about exactly that.

Run Your Restaurant Seamlessly with Pager Systems

You may have already read our blog on the benefits of waiter pager systems, but it’s worth emphasising how beneficial waiter paging can be to your business. Paging solutions help orders go out quicker, increase table turnover, and improve the general running of the restaurant.

Customer experience is also key when it comes to increasing your profits. Pagers effectively limit the noise volume in any restaurant, ensuring your staff aren’t shouting orders to one another. This creates a more professional and relaxing atmosphere for your customers to enjoy. And with our customer paging solutions, you can give your patrons the chance to wait for their table wherever they like.


Increase Customer Connectivity with Call Buttons

When the summer rush is in full swing, your staff may not always be visible or readily available to take additional orders from your customers. This can lead to frustration and a less than satisfactory customer experience. Call button solutions offer your guests the opportunity to contact your staff immediately. This ease of communication can also affect your profits, leaving customers more comfortable ordering extra food or beverages without having to physically beckon their server.


Locate Customers Quickly with Table Location Systems

Using RFID technology to track your customers in real-time, your servers will quickly find the correct table or the customer when they are moving around the restaurant. By knowing exactly where a customer is seated – even in the event of them moving table – your food delivery times will improve dramatically when using our table location systems.


Keep Your Staff Connected with Two-way Radios

Covering a range of up to 100,000 square feet, two-way radios are ideal for large areas in which your staff need to remain in regular communication. This helps to increase table turnover, improves incident resolution speeds, and helps with the general running of the restaurant. Our radios also benefit from HD audio and speech and have background noise suppression filters to block out even the most intrusive of external sounds.


In the restaurant world connectivity equals productivity. And what does productivity equal? You guessed it: profit. By choosing CST’s proven solutions, you will join over 15,000 systems users in the UK alone who have taken the same steps to improve their productivity and profit margins. With us, your restaurant will stay ahead of the curve in an ever-changing sector, promising staff efficiency and customer satisfaction. And with the summer rush well on its way, it’s the perfect time for you to boost your sales with CST’s communication solutions.