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FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Don’t get caught offside during the World Cup

Taking place in Qatar, from 20th November – 18th December, the FIFA World Cup this winter will be a little different to the usual summer games. Fans will be swapping beer gardens and alfresco celebrations for restaurants, pubs, and bars, to help escape the cold, wintery weather.

Venues will have to balance the usual Christmas crowds with one of the most significant sporting events. And given that in 2018, pub spending increased by 33% whenever England played a World Cup game, missing out on this event could mean losing excess revenue.

To help you achieve victory, here are our 4 top tips:

1) VIP Service

Customers reserving VIP areas or private rooms for football games will expect premium service. Make your guests feel extra special with EasyCall Mini buttons. Call buttons allow customers to call for immediate service at the touch of a button. This also increases staff efficiency. The pager notifies staff the moment customers require service. Staff are free to multitask.

2) Post-Match drinks

If you want football fans to plant themselves in your venue and stay post-match, be sure to offer great deals on drinks and appetizers. A happy hour after the match will encourage customers to stay at your venue for longer. You could even offer deals on themed cocktails or beers from each country.

3) Teamwork

Every good team needs a solid structure. Organise your shifts in advance for kick-off times from the very first match on 20th November. This handy chart shows the key fixtures along with dates and kick-off times. Boost staff productivity with a waiter paging system.  A paging system lets the chef buzz waiters as soon as orders are complete. Waiters can serve food hot and fresh.

4) Full House

You’ll want to make sure you have as many fans as possible in your venue supporting their teams. With a massive 76% of football fans saying they’d be looking to book ahead and 30% saying they’d be happy to watch the matches in a heated beer garden – utilising and promoting space and amenities will be very important… but also ensuring your staff can keep on top of the extra traffic, this is where technology can help!

The latest wireless communication from CST can help provide football fans with an excellent experience at your venue during the FIFA World Cup 2022.