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2023 Hospitality Trends

Top Hospitality Trends for 2023

As we say ‘hello’ to 2023, we’ve been keeping an eye on changes within the hospitality industry. The quieter winter months will give you plenty of time to get on board with new ideas and top trends to help your business grow this year.

Retro Love

This is all about revamping childhood memories and inspiring a sense of nostalgia, particularly through desserts, cakes, and cocktails.

Conscious Choices

Consumers are continually becoming more mindful of where they eat and drink out, as well as what they order – with 40% of consumers planning on going out less frequently. This isn’t a new trend for the coming year, but the pandemic and the current cost-of-living crisis have contributed to how consumers think about what they are eating and drinking. Research has revealed 35% plan to prioritise hospitality visits over holidays, clothing, and home improvements. To help reduce their spending during these visits, more than half (58%) plan on visiting local venues more often. Retaining loyalty has never been so important!

Another conscious choice trend is how 70% of consumers are trying to lead a healthy lifestyle, a 6% jump from last year. As part of their health kick, one in seven admit to purchasing healthier drinks than in previous years, while half find no and low alcohol options appealing.

Evolution of Pizza

Pizza’s versatility means it can lend itself to creative and accessible innovation. Gluten-free bases, plant-based and premium toppings mean it can fit well in a variety of different sectors, times of day and occasions.

Emerging Cuisines

As the global community becomes more interconnected, new cuisines and traditions are emerging into mainstream dining options. Research shows that over one in three people now say that emerging world cuisines have replaced more established ones. Four leading cuisines do not have a strong presence on menus, meaning now is the prime time for operators to adopt them.

* Cuban–inspired by Spain and the Caribbean, it has the potential to soar, with almost half (46%) of consumers saying they would like to try the island’s delicacies

* Sri Lankan–this cuisine includes key ingredients such as turmeric, garlic, coconut, and cinnamon, with spice levels that can be easily adjusted to favour a plethora of tastes

* Unusual fusions–some 40% of consumers want to try flavours and formats that wouldn’t normally be paired together

* Pan-African–dishes from this huge continent produce a myriad of flavours. Made up of comforting soups, stews, and rice-based meals, it’s an adaptable and accessible trend.

Why not try new fusions and flavours to stand apart from the competition? Many UK consumers are eager to try cuisines that can transport them to a new place simply by the delicious meal in front of them.

Customer-friendly tech​

It’s time to bring technology to all aspects of your business. Keeping on top of the latest technology not only relieves stress for staff during busy periods but also helps improve simple operations, keeping customers happy and loyal. Innovative communication technology is available to suit any establishment, from invisible queues to call buttons, staff paging and WaiterCall. Operators need to raise their tech game to ensure customer experience and operational efficiency are slicker than ever.




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