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Great Expectations: Striking a Healthy Balance

Recent research has shown that consumer value in pubs and bars has grown by 19%, with the average consumer spend increasing 4%. But is all as it seems?

During these tough economic times, whilst customers are still keen to treat themselves, they’re cutting back on the frequency of pub, bar, and restaurant visits, making every step in the customer journey a make-or-break moment for operators.

A staggering 23% of consumers have higher expectations compared to 12 months ago.

With consumers prioritising the best value for money, operators need to stay focused on guests’ habits and priorities, whilst remaining agile.

Every step of the customer journey needs to be a positive and memorable experience in order to encourage repeat visits and build customer loyalty. This includes everything from the initial contact with the business, to the quality of the food and drinks, to the level of service provided by staff, and even the cleanliness of the premises. By focusing on creating a consistently high-quality experience, operators can help ensure that customers keep coming back, even in difficult economic times.

Price, quality, selection, and service are all key factors that should not be overlooked.

So, you might now be asking “How can I acheive this?”


  • Preferences are moving towards affordable, classic dishes. And with more people opting for drink-only occasions, offer inexpensive dishes such as chips, wedges, and fries, as your chance to upsell.
  • Spirits (especially cider) are becoming a key opportunity to drive frequency and spend. However, don’t let this be at the expense of beer, which continues to drive the highest volume.
  • Utilise technology to ensure food quality and customer service is at the top of your game.

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