Improve The Guest Experience With Hotel Technology

Operating a quality hotel, improving your establishment, and delivering unrivalled service are key to ensuring a positive guest experience and increase guest retention. So how exactly does hotel technology improve your establishment? And how can it be used to give guests an exceptional experience at your establishment? Let’s take a look.

Five More Tech Tips – Part 2

We are celebrating our 18 years in the hospitality industry by sharing our 18 top tips on how technology can enhance your business. You saw the first five tips in Part 1 – here are the next five:

Top Tech Tips – Part 1

It’s official – we have come of age! This month we celebrate our 18th birthday. Legally we can now buy alcohol, watch R18 movies and be called for jury service. To celebrate, we have put together our top 18 ways technology can improve an operator’s business. Here is a sneaky glimpse of the first 5: