Tackling food waste through bin tech

Restaurants throw away up to a fifth of the ingredients they buy. But clever tech is helping chefs become more aware of what they discard, which is good news for both the environment and the bottom line. In her Guest Editor column for Restaurant Magazine Eloise Sheppard takes a look at this innovative tech.

Nutrition technology: this time it’s personal

Could food choices soon be based on people’s DNA? Eloise Sheppard takes a look at how nutrition technology could impact the restaurant sector in her guest editor column for Restaurant Magazine.

Where to watch World Cup 2018

The 2018 World Cup is fast approaching, beginning on the 14th of June the tournament runs until the 15th of July. This Summer the cup will take place in Russia, making it the first World Cup held in Europe since the 2006 tournament in Germany, and the first ever to be held in Eastern Europe. So where will you be … Read more Where to watch World Cup 2018

4 Clever Tips for Boosting Your Restaurant’s Lunch Business

Lunchtime offers a brilliant opening to attract new customers and bring in additional profits. However, this can be a challenge midweek when potential customers have a limited time-frame for lunch. Here we list our top 4 tips to help your restaurant boost lunch business.