Technological Innovations In Healthcare

Timely and effective communication is crucial in healthcare environments and plays a wide-ranging role in workplace preparation. With the various challenges experienced as they maintain practice continuity, staff must be connected at all times.¬†When linked to various departments, healthcare communication systems assist staff in communicating with each other efficiently. Responsiveness and accountability along with speed … Read more Technological Innovations In Healthcare

Paging System Delivers Stress Free Waiting

Since the Whittington Hospital opened its 22 room Imaging Department in 2006, patient numbers have increased from 96,000 per year to over 150,000. General Manager, Recep Suleyman, needed a way to maximise patient throughput and reduce the idle time between x-rays or scans.

Improving the nurse's experience

In the past few years there has been growing emphasis on the patient experience, patient satisfaction and the upcoming Friends and Family Test. But how about the nurses? Hospital nurses deal with long shifts, frantic multi-tasking and constant interruptions. Improving the work environment and nurse satisfaction is a practical strategy for improving the quality of … Read more Improving the nurse's experience