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Technology: Supporting Industry Challenges

As technology makes leaps and bounds, the good news is that solutions are here for the taking. The pandemic has caused an increase in technology…

What to consider when contemplating delivery service

People are increasingly opting to eat takeaways at home instead of dining out, and many restaurants are adopting services such as Just Eat or Deliveroo…

How real time technology is giving restaurant operators a helping hand!

What are the real-time effects of technology for restaurant operators? Here, in Ashley Sheppard’s column for Restaurant Magazine as Guest Technology Editor, he explains his prediction.

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Give your guests full service in under 15 minutes 42 seconds flat

Britons will only wait an average of 15 minutes and 42 seconds without being served, before going elsewhere. That’s according to recent research conducted by…

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Integrated Technologies Make Profitable Outlets: Together It’s Better

Two leading hospitality technology companies are working together to deliver a seamless EPoS and capacity management automation solution. The new relationship brings together the expertise…