5 benefits of waiter pager systems

Have you been looking for a way to improve customer service in your restaurant? Waiter pager systems are an excellent tool that restaurants can use for a number of scenarios. These simple, easy-to-use devices can be set up in any environment and don’t need to rely on Wi-Fi or network service to operate. We’ve assembled … Read more 5 benefits of waiter pager systems

The true cost of downtime

It’s said that almost every factory loses at least 5% of its productivity because of downtime–with some losing as much as 20%. But even worse, 80% of companies cannot calculate their downtime correctly. Some are underestimating them by as much as 300%. This translates to a lot of profit loss–without understanding the seriousness of the … Read more The true cost of downtime

6 Key Points for Attracting Families to Your Restaurant

The school holidays have officially started. Families love to relax and eat out in the summer. But getting families to eat at your restaurant involves a balance between providing children with what they want and making their parents happy. How can you ensure your restaurant is child-friendly?

5 ways staff attack systems could benefit your care home

  Andrea Sutcliffe, Chief Adult Inspector at the CQC, claims “It’s about people’s whole lives, so we do need to be making it human, making it personal.” Staff attack systems are vital in ensuring quality care and the safety of staff. Here are 5 ways a staff attack system could benefit your care home

3 ways to improve your restaurant’s profitability.

How do restaurants increase profits without reducing their service and quality? Savvy restaurateurs should look to make small but smart changes to increase revenue and stay ahead of the game.  Successful companies use technology to help staff work productively but keep their overheads in line with operational budgets.

5 tips for a happy New Year’s party at your restaurant

New Year’s Eve is just a few days away. And as with all holidays, Tuesday 31st December means crowds of potential customers. With a little extra preparation you can take advantage of 2014’s New Year at your restaurant. Here are our tips for a very happy New Year’s party.