6 Key Points for Attracting Families to Your Restaurant

The school holidays have officially started. Families love to relax and eat out in the summer. But getting families to eat at your restaurant involves a balance between providing children with what they want and making their parents happy. How can you ensure your restaurant is child-friendly?

4 Clever Tips for Boosting Your Restaurant’s Lunch Business

Lunchtime offers a brilliant opening to attract new customers and bring in additional profits. However, this can be a challenge midweek when potential customers have a limited time-frame for lunch. Here we list our top 4 tips to help your restaurant boost lunch business.

Distributor Conference 2014 photo diary

Our Inaugural Distributor Conference, Growing Together, was held at the London Paddington Hilton hotel in March. The event provided the perfect opportunity for your EMEA resellers to network and share the latest product information. Growing Together saw the coming together of communication technology specialists from all over the EMEA region, from Sweden and Spain, to UK and UAE, … Read more Distributor Conference 2014 photo diary

Give your guests full service in under 15 minutes 42 seconds flat

Britons will only wait an average of 15 minutes and 42 seconds without being served, before going elsewhere. That’s according to recent research conducted by Peach Factory for Omnico Group into the effect of waiting times on hospitality businesses. But how do you serve customers quickly without sacrificing quality? Here are our top tips: