How to use technology to combat restaurant complaints

It can take 20-years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. In today’s digital world, a restaurant’s online reputation is under continuous scrutiny and flux. With the popularity and growth of review sites, how can restaurants take advantage of technological opportunities whilst avoiding the threats?

Keep it fast. Keep it casual.

Ashley Sheppard, Commercial Director, Call Systems Technology: I’ve heard it said over the last year that the UK fast-casual market has yet to reach its full potential. However, we continue to ride the wave of the fast-casual revolution, with the likes of ‘artisan’ US burger brands, Five Guys and Shake Shack migrating to our shores … Read more Keep it fast. Keep it casual.

Calling number forty nine – not any more

Table location systems are ideal for gastro pubs where customers order at a central point, find a table and wait for their order to arrive.  In the past, waiters have had to shout out a number, look for a wooden spoon or rely on customers waving at them to know where to take an order.