Top 5 benefits for connecting your radio to a software application

Radio integration with software applications, such as Gen2, provides an abundance of functionality, all from the radio you hold in your hand. From receiving information, alerts and alarms from your fire alarm panel, BMS, access control, disabled alarms, security alarms and job management application – it truly helps provide seamless and efficient communications.

A radio? Yes, but so much more…

Are you aware that radios can provide solutions to aid health & safety, operational efficiencies and security? All whilst providing instant communication?

Shhh… communication gets dicreet

The great thing about two-way radio is that it’s instant and effective.  The bad news is that they can be bulky, loud and obtrusive – the last things you want near guests and customers. Not anymore.

Helping Staff Stay Efficient and Safe

Communication between staff is crucial in the effective running of a hotel. In this blog post, we answer some FAQs related to communication and worker safety.