Top five hospitality stories for March

News is hard to keep track of in this day and age and we know your time is precious so we’ve compiled a list of the top hospitality stories you shouldn’t miss this month.

Proven tricks to get better tips

Servers are being short-changed as it’s revealed that one in ten brits don’t tip and those that do only leave, on average, 7% of the bill not the customary 12.5%. As a waiter, when you’ve worked hard to serve a table of customers it’s disheartening not to be left a decent tip.

Keep it fast. Keep it casual.

Ashley Sheppard, Commercial Director, Call Systems Technology: I’ve heard it said over the last year that the UK fast-casual market has yet to reach its full potential. However, we continue to ride the wave of the fast-casual revolution, with the likes of ‘artisan’ US burger brands, Five Guys and Shake Shack migrating to our shores … Read more Keep it fast. Keep it casual.