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How well does your business comply with safety standards? What if someone cannot hear the fire alarm?

One in three adults in the UK are deaf or have hearing loss. This is more than a statistic; these are your customers, clients, and colleagues. 

The reality of missing crucial information, such as a fire alarm, critical alerts, or workplace communication, could be extremely dangerous. 

CST invites you to watch our insightful webinar, in partnership with RNID (the national charity supporting people who are deaf, have hearing loss or tinnitus), to learn how to address these concerns.

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Modern Saftey Solutions

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1 in 3
People have hearing loss
18 +
Million People
5000 +
DeafCall Products Installed in the UK

Creating accessible environments with innovative solutions

CST will be supporting RNID in its mission to build an inclusive society, help people hear better today, and fund world-class research to restore hearing and silence tinnitus.

In addition to raising awareness and fundraising events, we will be donating 25% of profits made on our DeafCall product range ordered via [email protected].