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Enhancing Efficiency in Charitable Operations: The Salvation Army's Adoption of CST Two-Way Radios

CST collaborated with The Salvation Army, a global Christian church and charitable organisation, combating injustice and poverty.

In Kettering, Northamptonshire, a bustling industrial district, the organisation operates a massive warehouse facility, comparable in size to five football fields. With the processing centre covering such a large area, staff were desperate to find a way to communicate efficiently. CST has luckily been able to provide a solution to help their staff. We implemented Two-Way Radios, offering Lone Worker and Man Down features, ensuring a secure environment at all times.

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Facing A Challenge

The vast scale and complex layout of the warehouse made efficient communication a critical challenge. Frustrated with the disruptive signals and low quality of their standard radios, The Salvation Army turned to Call Systems Technology for a superior solution.

The Solution

The CST team recommended our Two-Way Radio Handsets, known for their crystal-clear audio, impressive battery life and advanced features that support a full day's operations.

With these radios, every message is delivered clearly, preventing miscommunications that could delay the sorting process. A quick radio call allows team members to confirm the location and availability of items, streamlining the preparation of goods for dispatch. Additionally, the warehouse's fleet of trucks benefits from the 'Lone Worker' and 'Man Down' alerts, providing an immediate alert system in case of accidents or emergencies.             

Improving Experience

The enhanced communication system has significantly improved The Salvation Army's efficiency and safety, allowing the organisation to continue its mission more effectively. The warehouse has experienced remarkable operational improvements thanks to CST's two-way radios.


Enhanced Staff Response Time 

Upgraded Radio System

Extensive Coverage Over The Whole Warehouse

Quick Installation By Our Engineers

Easy To Use