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New Two-Way Radio System and Wireless First Aider Call Points improve safety at University of Surrey

CST collaborated with the University of Surrey to bolster safety measures at their Sports Park.

Given the significant student usage of the facility, it was crucial to create a secure environment. Previously, the site relied solely on basic radio systems. CST upgraded and expanded these systems to ensure more efficient communication, thereby enhancing safety for both staff and students. 


Protecting Over
20000 +
Staff and Students
Response times
75 %
Average response within

Using the best tools and technology

As part of our safety enhancement project at the University of Surrey, our team installed 12 Wireless First Aider Call Points strategically positioned across the entire site. These call points ensure comprehensive coverage, allowing for a swift response to emergencies. Utilising pager alerts, we guarantee that help is dispatched quickly and efficiently when needed. 

In addition to the First Aider Call Points, we improved Two-Way Radio System with 34 radios tailored for staff use. Our provision included two types of radios: the Hytera HP785, a larger model, and the Hytera HP685, a smaller, lightweight option suitable for customer-facing staff. Both radio types boast noise background cancellation features, ensuring clear communication even in noisy environments. This versatility enables seamless communication across various settings. 

To ensure uninterrupted operation, we provided charging systems for the radios. With a remarkable 24-hour battery life, the radios can be conveniently charged overnight when the facility is closed, ensuring they are always ready for use during operational hours. 


Improving experience

CST was able to provide a practical and safe solution that met the needs of the customer, now staff can easily manage the facility without having to worry about safety measures due to our system.  


Improved First Aider response time                                                                    

Improved Two-Way Radio System                                                                                       

12 First Aider Call points monitored through Alarm Call                                                                                                                                

Excellent coverage spreading across car parks, football pitches and the cricket pavilion.                                                                          

Fast installation. Simple to use

Bringing it all together 

With our systems being installed the Emergency messages go directly to the key responder via CST’s unique Alarm Call Pro Radio messaging Transmitter.  

This innovative approach has resulted in response times that are reported to be 75% quicker compared to previous methods of communication. In instances where members require assistance, the response time is now within an impressive 60 seconds. Through the integration of our Call System and Radios, the University of Surrey has successfully addressed the challenge of ensuring safety across its expansive site.