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Introducing Discgo Charger, a portable, robust, mobile phone charger designed for commercial use.

Discgo Charger

The first of its kind

Discgo charges phones, tablets and cameras without being plugged into a wall, giving users the freedom to stay charged and connected on the go. Offer your customers something new, entice them to stay in your venue longer and add that extra level of customer service and guest experience. 

Each Discgo can charge two devices at once, and mobile phones will charge at the same rate as being plugged into a wall socket, generally at a speed of 1% charge per minute. Each disc can charge four mobile phones from 0-100% before needing to be returned to the Discgo Docking station. 

Gareth Chapman
Sales Executive

Gareth works closely with venues all over the country to assist them with making Discgo a success. If you would like to discuss the system further, please contact Gareth. 

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Discgo in your Sector

Enhance Customer Service

Attract new and retain existing customers with this value added service in your venue.

Increase Profits

Feedback suggests customers stay for two more drinks while their phone is recharging.

Boost Revenue

Charging customers for the service is at your complete discretion.

Promote your brand using Discgo!

Engage with your audience by personalising and utilising the space on the Discgo discs to promote your brand, event or on-site promotion.

What Discgo can do for you.
Restaurants, pubs & bars

Offer the ultimate in customer service with mobile charging that means customers don't have to be plugged into a wall.

Discgo in the workplace

Stay charged through all day conferences and meetings with Discgo in the workplace.

Add power to your event

Allow your guests to network freely while their phone recharges using Discgo.

Enhance the hotel experience

With Discgo available, guests will no longer have to travel with spare chargers and you're offering an extra added value service for staying at your hotel.

Discgo Charger App

Introducing the Discgo App

The Discgo Charger App locates the nearest venues that offer the Discgo charging facility. Users can use their GPS location function to automatically discover all nearby participating venues, they can even search by venue name or different location.

Available on iOS and Android, make sure your venue is part of the Disco App so customers can find you!

Free to download, download from the relevant store below.

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