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Call Systems Technology to launch Discgo Charger

Already a resounding success in Australia, CST has been selected as the exclusive UK distributor of Discgo. 

Discgo is set to revolutionise the UK offering of mobile charging on-the-go. With no need to be plugged into a wall, customers can move around a bar, event or exhibition, keeping their phone secure with them while they charge. A perfect offering for restaurants, pubs and bars, feedback tells us that customers can stay for up to two more drinks while they’re recharging. In the corporate world, Discgo proves itself invaluable for keeping staff charged throughout all day meetings and when on-the-go. Advertising opportunities are available on the discs where company’s can utilise the space to raise awareness of offers, events or information.  

Not only this, but the Discgo Charger app, available on Android and iTunes, allows customers to locate the nearest Discgo charging facility to their location. Another opportunity to promote your venue.

If you think your venue could benefit from Discgo Charger, please contact us on [email protected] or call 020 8381 1338. Find out more information here.