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Communication is key


As seen featured on Luxuria Lifestyle, Call Systems Technology reveals the importance of communication in high profile situations.

When you are aiming to create a seamless and effortless experience for guests, communication is key. Whether it be connecting guests with yacht crews on board or wait staff with diners at a restaurant, ensuring fluid communication between the two creates a high class experience and memory.

As the leading provider of innovative communication technology and software solutions, Call Systems Technology(CST) understand this need and we invest heavily to source and quality assure systems that will help companies deliver this high standard. Our ethos of working with and working for passionate people in the industries we serve is second only to our pioneering technology and world class customer care.

Well known for our work within the hospitality industry our solutions are now featured in over 100 well-known superyachts, numerous private residences and a further cross-section of industries. Our popular StewardCall solution allows guests, at the touch of a button, to alert crew/staff via page that they require assistance, wherever they may be on board or in their home. Our newly launched Gen2 messaging software solution unifies communication between equipment and people, giving you complete control of all of your communication needs.

With over 15,000 system users and reach worldwide, CST products are not just industry tested but industry approved. To find out more about the communication solutions CST can provide please click here to get in touch.